If we are adventurous and full of awe at all the things we experience from day to day without losing our hope or sense of humor, there is no game that can come close to my favorite life!!

It is as simple as it awesome to play. You wake up in the morning and take inventory I am breathing then we go a little further, I can sense things going on around me! After a little consideration we come to the assumption I am alive, and I have a brand new day, it is not like any other day before or after. It is my duty to live it to the fullest if I am to get anything from it

Every new morning is a gift and an opportunity

This section will hold a collection of essays and poetry to help us look at ourselves and determine what in life is truly important.

Songs of Rita

The summer Hurricane Rita came through Nacogdoches, my wife and I were employed by an apartment complex with eighty plus units of various descriptions.

After the hurricane we were without electricity for six days, the temperature hovered around one hundred degrees without a hint of a breeze. Under these conditions you might properly wonder if I had both oars in the water when I penned the following missals.

The Cubes

The invisable F.E.M.A. truck

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