Letters to the Editor
Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel

Upon reading your Sunday column (Gary Borders), I find myself disappointed that you and your staff have entirely missed my point of campaigning for an office that would not have an adverse effect were it eliminated.

As I thought I had communicated to your reporter, the main issue is, Constitutional protections of the "Bill of Rights" are for "all" citizens, or none may count on them.

Local Government Code 152.052 was written with the express purpose of protecting unused and obsolete offices from those that would streamline government, by suspending their right to freedom of expression.

Your own paper operates under and advocates the protection of the First Amendment for news media.

My point is, if a candidate may not depend on the Constitution to protect his freedom of expression, who can?

Robert Paty
Nacogdoches County Public Weigher

From Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel Nov. 15, 2000 Letters to Editor

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