I have found the process of running for office and the subsequent keeping of campaign promises to be a sometimes frustrating but almost always educational experience.

I have learned the necessity of learning and keeping to details, such as, a candidate must have a treasurer appointed before he may take or spend any money and is personally held responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of all the paperwork. He must be ready to take advantage of any publicity and put out an occasional news release to assure the voters he is still in the race. And work on his appeal to the voters (like it or not, often elections boil down to a popularity contest, if you want to win you need to take this serious).

The most important point to my campaign was to oppose a law that I feel to be unconstitutional, but a candidates feeling is not enough (even to those in his own party it seems). It became therefore necessary to find all I could on this law and acquire the proof that will validate my claim this law was written solely to keep candidates from running for office, advocating abolition of that office, the adventure began.

I wasted a year before I found out the source of the evidence to support my claims would be so simple, you can purchase from the government copies of any public information.

First because I suspected a specific group of being behind the whole problem, I secured a copy of their PAC report which bore some fruit. Next was to get a copy of the bill file There is good information to be found there as the bill file is a history of everything that happens to the bill during it's journey from conception to passage.

Finally I purchased copies of the Legislative audio tapes of all the discussion on this bills journey through the State House and Senate. In about an hour or less of audio specifically addressing my bill I found the whole bill was a fraud, supported with not too carefully crafted lies. So blatant I could hardly believe our legislators had such gall.

So, what did I learn?

The campaign itself was not so difficult, though I did run for an office that would be considered obsolete, and I did not encounter any opposition till the final weeks when someone decided to run against me, but filed so late he had to run as a write-in candidate which handicapped him quite a bit.

I have learned if the government is the cause of one of your problems, there are some very easy ways to research this fact.

My next task will be to keep my campaign promises, to get the question of the abolition of my office on the ballot so the voters may decide it's fate. But much more important will be to protest and hopefully bring about a change to the law that would be used to keep candidates from advocating change.

Another thing I have determined, politics is almost always partisan when you are affiliated with a minority party. The Commissioner's Court has no intention of putting the question of the abolition of my office on the ballot and letting the voters of Nacogdoches County decide it's final fate. The argument they gave me is it would cost the citizens of the county to have the question added to the ballot and the office does not cost the county as it has no duties. The county did have to pay the expense of putting my name on the ballot as a candidate, they added a place for my opponent to be written onto the ballot as a write-in candidate, the Elections office ended up pulling an overnighter counting the ballots by hand, these expenses were born by the county.

Upon being elected to office the county took out a bond on me to protect themselves and the county from the possibility of my abuse of the office, another expense taken up by the county.

My point is, the county cannot conduct business of any kind without incurring some cost to someone, therefore putting the question of the abolition of my office before the voters would not have put an unusual expense on the county, and would have in fact very likely ended up with the final disposition of the office preventing another from running for it in the future. As could happen to another obsolete office that may be run for this coming election cycle, the office of Inspector of Hides and Animals, an office that has not been held in recent memory and offers no real service to the county should it suddenly find a candidate.

I have resigned the office of County Public Weigher to allow myself the opportunity to file as a candidate for the office of County Treasurer. I will attempt this campaign as an Libertarian candidate trusting my fate to those individuals in the county that truly advocate a more streamlined and responsible county government, who would make it leaner and more efficient and cost effective.

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