Vote for Paty, Libertarian candidate for 2002 Nacogdoches County Treasurer.

Robert Paty

declares his application for nomination for the
Libertarian candidacy for the office of "Last"
County Treasurer of Nacogdoches County, Texas.

As your Libertarian candidate for Nacogdoches County Treasurer I would try to make local government more answerable to the voters of Nacogdoches County by working to get the question of the abolition of this office on the ballot so you may decide it's final fate at the polls.

Government at all levels has become a growth industry that takes more and more of your tax dollars and incrementally strips you of your rights as a citizen of this country "for the greater good of all". The founders of this country had more faith in the individual's ability to think and decide many things for himself than those presently in position of power.

Government officers are elected (chosen) by the people to serve as their agents and thus are answerable to them, many forget this point, and feel the fact they were elected somehow makes them superior to the people, entitled to special privlege, and thus ignore the protests of those people when passing new taxes or creating new laws.

There are offices presently in existance more for nostalgia and tradition than real need, Your County Treasurer's office is one of these. The only requirement to run for and hold this office are that you be at least 18 years old, have been a citizen of Texas for 1 year, and resided in the county for at least 6 months. These are requirements for a politician not for someone that would be responsible for the financial welfare of the county.

Since 1987 any Texas county with a population exceeding 10,000 citizens, under the law also has an auditor appointed by the District Court, educated in accounting with many duties that duplicate those of your County Treasurer creating a redundancy. I believe the assets of this county would be better off under the care of a qualified accountant than a career politician and hope you will elect me so once again we may work together to trim down the excesses of county government, and turn these few duties a Treasurer might encounter over to the party best qualified to look after your interests.

As county residents the business of the county is your business, and your public officers understand this. What many count on is that the voting public either does not understand or does not care how this compact between the people and their agents works and so use their offices to further their own agendas.

As your Nacogdoches County Treasurer I would be honored to represent your interests in getting the question of the abolition of this office on the ballot so you may send it into history and prepare Nacogdoches for the future with a trimmer more efficient county government.

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