The Nacogdoches County Libertarian Party would like to introduce Robert Paty as Nacogdoches County's new County Public Weigher.

Robert Paty candidate for 2000 Nacogdoches County Public Weigher
Robert Paty

Robert Paty

Robert Paty
PO Box 633322
Nacogdoches, TX 75963-3322

I moved! my new address is
PO Box 211
Douglass, TX 75943

E-mail: paty@thepatys.com

I hope as Public Weigher of Nacogdoches County I will be in a position to assist in Libertarian outreach efforts in the East Texas area.

Though I was originally unopposed, late in the campaign I was opposed by Mr. Brad Woodard a write-in candidate.

My goal in running for this office is twofold, to work to get the office abolished and hold it up as an example that government is too large and cumbersome to be efficient, or to serve the people as it should.

More important though is to challenge a law written expressly to protect the sacred county offices from abolition by placing penalties on the officers Constitutionally protected right to "political expression" and denial of other protection.

(June 2001)
In the past few months I have gone to the trouble and expense to research Local Government Code 152.052 which is a produce of HB187 of 1989. I have purchased a copy of the bill file and the audio tapes of the discussion of the bill in committee and on the floor of the House and Senate, I find myself very dissapointed in our legislators total disregard of the National and State Constitutions, both of which they swore an oath on the Bible to uphold and protect, apparently their first official lie of public office.

This link will take you to an article explaining how LGC152.052 par "A" came to be law. Some will have seen this article in the June issue of the Texas Libertarian Party newsletter Lone Star Liberty.

For more information on my issues go here.

To understand the mechanics of abolishing an office go here.

Governments in free nations are created to serve and protect the rights and property of the people. At one time "to serve and protect" was emblazoned on the exterior of our local police cars, but for some time these words have been removed. Why?

News article for local paper voter guide 2/27/2000.

letter to editor 11/15/00

Letter of resignation to the people of Nacogdoches County 9/27/01

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