The year 2000 I ran for the office of Nacogdoches County Public Weigher, truly an obsolete office as it had not been occupied for many years (since the early 1930s).

The ultimate goal of running for this office was twofold, first to try to get the voters an opportunity to vote for the abolition of the office and second but more important, to have an opportunity to challenge a law passed in 1989 that would curtail some candidates freedom of speech.

The entire process, from running as a candidate wandering the courthouse looking for support in getting the question of abolition of my new office on the ballot was an education you can't buy and an exercise in frustration, enjoy what I have to share with you.

Robert Paty, Candidate for Nacogdoches County Public Weigher

Information for local paper voter guide

My response to local newspaper concerning general ignorance of principle

Why abolish the office of Nacogdoches County Public Weigher?

Is the cost of abolition justified?


Article published in Lone Star Liberty (Texas Libertarian newspaper)

Texas House Research report on HB187

Texas Agriculture code (pertinent portion)

My resignation from the office of Nacogdoches County Public Weigher

What I have learned

Having found no satisfaction or support from other local or state officers in working to abolish my office, I resigned as Nacogdoches County Public Weigher and prepared to run for another redundant and useless local office, that of Nacogdoches County Treasurer!

Candidate for Nacogdoches County Treasurer

Since the attack of 9-11 I have been concerned with the way misguided patriots mistreat our flag, and find the problem is not just a few individuals.

This is no way to care for our flag

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