I have decided this site will be a testing environment in which to apply my web skills as I develop them. After some reading and thought I feel there is no reason to accept less than the best I can produce so I will jump in to the deep end and begin by reworking the whole site in xhtml-strict, keep it standards compliant and address any and all accessibility issues as I go.


I have started with the politics area as there were quite a few files that go back more than ten years and some were truly sloppy and had to be brought into shape where the validator could respond, a mess in any ones book. In 1999 I ran for and won an office that had been empty for over sixty years and had no duties as private and state entities had taken up the slack both for expediency and economic reasons.

The office at one time was necessary to local commerce, it was the elected office of County Public Weigher. This officer would not only verify the weight, volume or other standard properties of goods to be sold but more important would attach a certificate insuring the buyer was getting what he paid for, this is further covered by numerous articles in the politics section.

Though the office had no duties, responsibilities or authority at present, it did offer an outstanding educational opportunity for those interested in the workings of local and state government.

Love and Marriage:

March of 2000 Beverly and I got married, a great decision on my part as I find her beautiful, funny, smart, and incredibly intelligent with great people skills. She claims to be an introvert but I think otherwise.

I will dig out pictures poems and love letters that can be shared as time allows.

Lifes ups and downs:

When hurricane Rita came through East Texas Beverly and I were working for an apartment complex and had to deal with some very uncomfortable tenants as the power was out for six days and the temperatures hung around 100 degrees without a sign of a breeze. The only good thing we had going was that we had running water so we could take an occasional shower to cool down. It was amazing that everyone dealt with the situation as well as they did and came through things very peaceful

Of course this was shortly after hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana and Mississippi. most of our Texas Utility electricians were working to get their power back up, so when our power was out we had to wait for crews from other states. At the apartments our power was finally repaired by crews from Montana, you just never know!

Cancer surgery and finding myself on the way back

September of 2009 I had a colon cancer removed and spent several months taking chemo therapy, and thanks to some very talented physicians am doing very well.

In the life section I will try put essays of my feelings on the different things I go through and bits of poetry to show we should never lose hope or our sense of humor.


Just before Thanksgiving we had to move as we had no employment. We had two acres and a mobile home in the process of being remodeled so like the Beverly Hills Hillbillies, we moved to the community of Douglass

I imagine this site will constantly be in a state of flux as both Beverly and myself feel we have a lot to say about almost everything.

Might as well make yourself comfortable and be prepared to come back from time to time.